Chimera Song Mosaic
Thursday, June 21, 2007
I was teaching for the better part of this decade. I wonder when I'm going to stop having nightmares about it.

Bariloche was rad. I can't believe it expected to do something I hadn't done in ten years (skiing) and still be as good at it. I had to walk in my boots a long while, and they chaffed my ankles horribly. I knew it hurt when I did it, but I actually have red ridges in my skin in the pattern of my thick socks--one of them even bled! I know what it is, too. Rug burn! I haven't had rug burn since I was a kid. I have a vivid memory of being around five when I thought it would be a good idea to sled down the carpeted staircase at my parents' friend's house. I put my chest tight against a square of cardboard and then zoomed down, faster than I had imagined. Practically wore my nipples off.

It seems like I had something better to say.

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