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Thursday, June 21, 2007
I was teaching for the better part of this decade. I wonder when I'm going to stop having nightmares about it.

Bariloche was rad. I can't believe it expected to do something I hadn't done in ten years (skiing) and still be as good at it. I had to walk in my boots a long while, and they chaffed my ankles horribly. I knew it hurt when I did it, but I actually have red ridges in my skin in the pattern of my thick socks--one of them even bled! I know what it is, too. Rug burn! I haven't had rug burn since I was a kid. I have a vivid memory of being around five when I thought it would be a good idea to sled down the carpeted staircase at my parents' friend's house. I put my chest tight against a square of cardboard and then zoomed down, faster than I had imagined. Practically wore my nipples off.

It seems like I had something better to say.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007
It's snowing! Supposedly, it rarely snows in Neuquen, but it is today. I almost froze my butt off on my way to yoga this morning. Then again, how cold can I get in five minutes? I love where we live; everything is five minute's walk away. There is a park outside the apartment window with old evergreens and a gently sloping hill so that the interior is hidden from view. The top twigs of a Sycamore or a Gum tree hide our balcony. If I open all the shades, I feel like I am in a forest inside the apartment.

I was walking thorough the neighborhood last week, and I happened upon a center for Eastern philosophical studies, where they hold yoga classes. I signed right up. Five minutes away, we found a cute gym, and we joined that, too. To balance all this positive activity, there are at least four gelaterias within five minutes of the house, too. The best one is Cuore di Panna. The chocolate with nuts and the creamy white meringue with dulce de leche are heavenly! Then there's the ubiquitous (not that I'm complaining) Dulce Malvina. The self-titled ice cream, with chunks of crispy wafer cake, meringue, and dulce de leche is divine. We also have the one right across the park, which is owned by a guy who just spent three years in New York and who likes to practice his English on us (while giving us huge doses of his favorite ice creams).

Then there's my favorite grocery store, the petite yet bountiful Macedonia, where you can find all kinds of fresh veggies and fruits and meats. I can do all my shopping there, minus the big stuff, like washing detergent, and it's just to the side of the apartment. I'm going there now to grab some stuff for dinner and the final ingredients for my beet soup.

Since this weekend is a long one (Flag Day is on Monday), we might go out of town, probably to San Carlos de Bariloche. With this weather, the drive might be scary, but we are likely to get to ski!

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