Chimera Song Mosaic
Wednesday, March 07, 2007
I'm pretty much reading vampire novels exclusively right now. So far I've got:

*Twilight by Stephanie Meyer (quick-paced, addictive ChickLit for teens)
*Fledgling by Octavia Butler , one of my fav authors, her last literary offering, RIP. But, NOT for the squeamish (like, does NAMBLA make you squeamish? How not!)
*Sabella by Tanith Lee (I love her, too, but this is not one of her best, I think. Well, maybe I'm wrong. On the other hand, for a new (well, 80s-like) spin on Frankenstein's monster, see The Silver Metal Lover. I promise it's great, and I want to adapt the screenplay. Is Jude Law too old to play a flawless sexbot?)

And that's it. Suggestions would be mightily appreciated. If I get hard up, I'll go for werewolves or zombies.

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