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Tuesday, March 27, 2007
Most days I only feel like looking things up on the internet. My friends and I sometimes, upon finishing a petered-out phone conversation, ask each other what we're doing next, and we often reply, "I'm going to look things up on the internet and then go to bed." It's sad when you run out of things to look up. But then I'll remember that I have been wondering whether a particular metal is an alloy, and then I get going all over again. (Like, what the heck is saltpeter?) All investigations leading to wikipedia is another kind of sadness. Like an indicator of the superficiality of my research. I try to pinpoint the exact mood that prompts looking things up on the internet. Sort of like a mixture of curiosity, boredom, procrastination, and loneliness. But procrastination is not a mood, is it? It should be. It's so common. Maybe the feeling associated with the urge to procrastination (rather, to avoid producing) is dread. That's it: one part curiosity, one part boredom, two parts dread.
Wednesday, March 07, 2007
I'm pretty much reading vampire novels exclusively right now. So far I've got:

*Twilight by Stephanie Meyer (quick-paced, addictive ChickLit for teens)
*Fledgling by Octavia Butler , one of my fav authors, her last literary offering, RIP. But, NOT for the squeamish (like, does NAMBLA make you squeamish? How not!)
*Sabella by Tanith Lee (I love her, too, but this is not one of her best, I think. Well, maybe I'm wrong. On the other hand, for a new (well, 80s-like) spin on Frankenstein's monster, see The Silver Metal Lover. I promise it's great, and I want to adapt the screenplay. Is Jude Law too old to play a flawless sexbot?)

And that's it. Suggestions would be mightily appreciated. If I get hard up, I'll go for werewolves or zombies.

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