Chimera Song Mosaic
Thursday, July 06, 2006
I'm back in Dubai again, after a week in Doha. I'm not sure if I ever actually posted from Doha since I rarely had an internet connection there, and when I did I was busy finishing up my online class (now I am done!). But anyway I am sitting here typing with henna on the hand that does the most work on the key board, and briefly I wanted to mention that I think if you click this link, you'll hear some poems being read, one of which is mine from No Tell Motel last week. Failing that, you can try clicking on Didi Menendez's blog, miporadio's The Goodnight Show. Thanks to Didi for noticing these poems! I really shouldn't but I promise to write more later when I get the chance. Now I'd headed down to the souks, which is what I came for.

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