Chimera Song Mosaic
Wednesday, August 24, 2005
The semester started, so fewer and fewer posts, of course. I just saw Alexander, and tho it could have used more porn in general, it did have some shockingly frank (and hairy) butt crack shots, both male and female. It was gorgeous and made me yearn for Babylon. I'm sure others have noted the parallel between Alexander's insatiable, conquering greed and the trajectory of the current U.S. action in Iraq (Alexander goes East for some lame reason, something about avenging his father, but this is a transparent excuse; he chases a handsome and enigmatic leader, who escapes to the mountains and is charismatically on the run; Alexander eventually finds the Persian leader dead in the desert, but he keeps going East and wreaking havoc). (This last part hasn't happened yet, but could be soon.)

More importantly, where had Catherine gone? So many Alexandrias!

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