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Thursday, July 07, 2005
I'm willing myself to post although I don't really have much to say. Getting out of the habit of it (I don't think I ever really got back in!) could be disastrous. It's not so much that I have nothing to say but that I don't have the energy to produce it. More and more it seems this blog is dealing with ennui or lack of inertia or something. But I could channel this energy into something productive, although I just rented American Psycho and am compelled to watch it because three separate people (is there any other kind?) on three different occasions recently asked me if I had seen it, and when I went, "No," remarked that it was my "kind" of movie.

I remember when Leonardo DiCaprio was disappointed since he wasn't even considered for the lead role, which he desperately wanted, which was given to a then somewhat unknown Christian Bale (who is since quite known for his lead role in the recent Batman Begins, of which I have little to say other than Katie Holmes's nipples are erect throughout the entire film). (Of War of the Worlds I have little to say other than I felt a reprisal of an aching attraction to Tom Cruise, much like that of my preteen years after seeing Topgun and adorning my walls with pages from a teen magazine featuring Tom Cruise. This comment is meaningless other to point out that I am seeing a ton of movies this summer, many of them Hollywood blockbusters that I will have little to say about, but will possibly quip and shred here and there. Another observation is that Katie Holmes is possibly the catalyst.) When American Psycho first came out, I heard some things about it that seemed disappointing, like it was "funny" or not very good, and the lead actor did not fit my concept of the character (he did not seem blonde enough or cruel enough), not that I had read the book anyway or had anything to go off of.

So instead of posting, I'm updating my present readings list to the right (I'm also reading a lot this summer) and watching the seven movies I just rented, which are American Psycho; Dude, Where's the Party? (filmed in Houston); Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle; Hero; Bride & Prejudice; Tarnation; Acts of Worship. I'm not sure what the common denominator here is (no Katie, no Cruise), but I do want to see these.

I'm also going to see a few more blockbusters this weekend, reluctantly, yes, and also an independent one called Mysterious Skin. I'll scoop on that afterwards. I just saw My Summer of Love, which at first was disappointing, not prurient enough or not thriller enough, but then I realized that I should not admit wanting to watch a prurient film featuring two teenage girls in love or have an urge to see them killed (is young lady death the common denominator?), so maybe it was because I was a little bored watching it, and the previews did lead me to believe it would be a smutty thriller, so that's what I was expecting. Instead, it was quietly memorable, I think. Not "delightful," as I head one theatre goer say to another on the way out, but something else like subtle surprising, a little mysterious, and overall, a little feelgood.

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