Chimera Song Mosaic
Monday, April 04, 2005
Recovery: consists of:
12 hour's sleep
AfterTango footmask, by LUSH Canada
(whose mask I have renamed Too Tired to Tango)
Chocolate bunny by Purdy's
(who's also of Canada and whose bunny was bought at discount not being Easter or pre-Easter anymore)
Some love from Lars, Lucy, and Lance

I am sorry about Robert Creeley and the Pope. Then on the plane home I was reminded about Mother Teresa's death, and I was sorry all over again about that. It's funny how when someone dies you think you are so sad when it happens, but then later it is somehow sadder, or at least it is sad more often.

Also because Mother Teresa's death more or less coincided with Princess Diana's, and I was more or less enraged that Diana's death overshadowed Mother Teresa's. I guess now I know why. I suppose it is more shocking (if not, as the public would have us believe, more tragic) when a younger person dies, whose death was not remotely predicted (well, at least not for some more years).

It is also surprising to me that Creeley died in Odessa, Texas (living there while fulfilling a residency). When I was very small, I lived with my parents in Odessa, and Odessa is a kind of death already, not in a bad way (I'm not about to join the Texas-bashing bandwagon), but in the sense that Odessa is a flat death--there is nothing for miles around but sky--and one full of wonderment.

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