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Friday, March 18, 2005
Today's my birthday. It is also the birthday of my friend, Ashlee. Ashlee is the only person who I have ever met who had the same birthday as me who didn't repulse me in some way. To be frank, as a completely naughty and snobbish child (later I realized the proper term for this is "uptight"), I thought I could do better than they, make my birthday proud. In some ridiculous way you might be aligned with someone who had the same birthday you did, and you would want that person to be a "winner" rather than a "loser." I now realize that perhaps I was the loser all along, and the match was perfect. Sorry Ashlee!

If you are in San Francisco at this moment, and you happen to see Ashlee, please tell her happy birthday, or happy belated birthday. Her hair is red and short. She probably has her nose in a book as she walks along. Her nose most likely has a stud in it. She's in town for the four Cs convention (which I suppose looks like a long string of capital Cs, CCCC, and is an English teacher convention--she told me on the phone today: "Imagine this! Everyone here is an English teacher!" I, of course, didn't have anything to say about that).

I don't really have a problem, although I know I seem to have, as in, "What the hell is your problem?" It's mostly that I am worried about my dog. She seems to have a tumor the size of a basketball filling up her abdomen, squeezing her organs against her abdominal walls, her spine, etc. Tomorrow they will "open her up," as they do, how barbaric and, at the same time, utterly clean, and then we will see what we will see. And then we'll know. My dog, Lucy's, birthday is in eight days.

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