Chimera Song Mosaic
Monday, December 20, 2004
This is a post draft dated Dec. 20, 2004. Just to prove that I was compelled to blog even at that stressful and wild time, but I was pulled away by this and that filial commitment. Alas, I shall never finish it now, but here's where I was winding up before being called away for dinner:

I finished Lady Chatterley's Lover and had a long, what seemed to be thoughtful, review planned out for it, but never got around to posting it. In short, I liked it. At first I was sort of ashamed with myself because I could never get to liking her lover--probably because he frequently spoke with a local, English-hick-like dialect, which to my reading ear made him sound unintelligent, and since I am a bit snobby that way, [here begins the . . .]

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