Chimera Song Mosaic
Saturday, November 13, 2004
Something I haven't done in a long while but was cheerfully reunited with: checking my words in the dictionary to be sure that I meant what I heard (the fit is usually so that I don't bother changing it even if the word turns out to mean something other than what I thought it meant, the association misleading and telling and welcoming at the same time).

Anyway, I often get lost in the dictionary, finding all kinds of new words for things I thought there weren't words for and reacqainting myself with old words. I usually cross check several different dictionaries. I find a thesaurus useless. But this time (is it ever otherwise?) I had a great experience: I saw the word "stove" as an index word at the top of a page in the "s" section, and I recognized it to mean some kind of bird. So then when I read the definition I was shocked to find that it actually referred to a kitchen appliance and referred to heat. Nothing at all about waterfowl. But at that moment if you had asked me what I stove was I would have said I thought it was some kind of a bird. I had no connections with modern man or his language or female domesticity whatsoever.

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