Chimera Song Mosaic
Tuesday, September 14, 2004
Name Tag

I suppose it was a must, this happenstance
calligraphy of fixtures, furtive and hermetic
molded in molecules, a photographic factioning
and all the chromosomes make up fragments
adding up to not even a fraction of how much you are ignored.
Ghost in the pillowcase, no, ghost in premises
a radical leave-taking, mutton-dumb and finger-deft
notes and signs adding up to not even a fraction
of how you are mourned. Notes in the coffin, fumbled and succumbed
a star nosed mole your sole benefactress--
Can I reckon? If so, chemically. I always did like the Blackcoats
'Bessed. O they bumble and preserve. A cleft
in the manger, tub in the ransom, holly-margined
and patterned forever like this. Drub. drub.

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