Chimera Song Mosaic
Saturday, September 04, 2004
Chicken and Spinach Parmesan

I agree with what Tony says about Fence's inclusion of the young boy's poems(go to the last part of the post).

And even further, I can't stop wondering how these poems came to Fence: Is the magazine just lying around this young man's parents' apartment (don't they seem like they would be city dwellers to have such refined tastes?), and he just thought he'd send the poems in on a whim? Or did he blanket the independent literary journals with his submissions last year? What exactly attracted him to Fence in the first place.

You see, it would all make more sense if he sent them to someplace obvious, like Poetry or The New Yorker (maybe he did, and they rejected him?). How many times were this young man's poems rejected before they were accepted? Didn't it make more sense to him to try Highlights?

Perhaps he simply has an uncanny sense of where his poems belong and must be placed. This is what we're all looking for, of course, but this kid might be some kind of Rocking Horse Winner.

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