Chimera Song Mosaic
Tuesday, July 27, 2004
The two most beautiful things I saw today and two days ago:

Catherine's "Novel Idea," a poem in parts (and arguably also an outline for a larger work)--what devastating sentences!

and pictures of St. Petersburg from Sal De Mer Fin. Check out especially the one with the four windows in the pink building with a white cat hanging halfway out of one and the one of the door with the radioactive symbols (?) painted on it. That was the door to my hotel in St. Petersburg. That pink building was apparently across the way, but I never noticed it. Now I seriously rue. But I think it's a perfect photograph.

Something weird in St. Petersburg that happened or rather than I observed that seemed very strange at the time but just normal enough to take in stride with little commentary: on the "night" of the Solstice, June 22, 2004, we were dashing through the streets, as usual, trying to make it to the banks of the Neva for the raising of the bridges, and we saw several inconspicuous types painting what looked like dead body chalk outlines on the sidewalk pavement. Sometimes we saw just the chalk outlines and sometimes caught the painters in the act. They were in a hurry, didn't joke around. The chalk outlines weren't confined to the sidewalk; sometimes they crept up the sides of buildings and over thresholds. At the time, we discussed it only briefly, but didn't reach any conclusions. It was so clearly one of those things that remains a mystery despite efforts, so we resigned it to such quickly. But now, weeks and miles away, I have an uneducated theory: it's the work of Hash House Harriers.

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