Chimera Song Mosaic
Friday, June 11, 2004
Well, I'm running off to Russia today. I didn't get even close to what I had planned to do, done, such as: update my links! Read Crime and Punishment, call some old friends, write some good poems, learn Russian (just kidding).

But I do, at least, feel prepared. I've got two or three Dostoevskys, Anna Karenina (halfway done!), Pushkin's Dubrovsky, the recent New Yorker and Mother Jones (for The Plane! --!), four books of poetry (so I can see what good poetry looks like since I seem to have forgotten), my manuscript (for pity's sake), let's see, what else? 3 guidebooks on St. Petersburg. Just enough stuff to keep me very busy and to intimidate me.

Also, I have my list of postcards to send. If you'd like a postcard, email me; I'll be checking my messages. Well, when I'm not eating morozhinaya. And drinking Baltic Classic. Or--why lie?--vodka.

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