Chimera Song Mosaic
Friday, June 18, 2004
I have a very strong urge to post while I am here because I have relied so much on this blog as my mental archive, and now I am resorting to pen and paper. It's hard. But very fulfilling in a way, I guess.

It's weird that I want to blog because that's what I do when my life is less than stimulating at home, or maybe that's not fair to say because it is sometimes very engaging and still I rush to the computer.

Anyway, I am leanring and talking and thinking so much and writing a bit that isn't notes from class. I'm surprised by how much this expressed seems to be affecting me, I mean, it is travel, of course, but I think I'm used to that. It's also something very different.

Today in a mini-lecture called Untranslatable Russian I learned about how traditional Russian icons were created or rather transformed, which is fascinating. There must be at least five layers of paint and gold overlay and shellac type stuff, and each one represent a different stage in the passion. There are names for these things, but I don't have my notes with me. I'll fill all this in later. Swan Lake at the Mariinsky Theatre.

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