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Wednesday, May 12, 2004
Ho, ho, ho! I'm gone for a few days, and blogger changes its interface. Hostility, die down . . .

In the News:

So sad that I won't be in NYC for Shakespeare in the Park's Much Ado About Nothing, my absolute favorite of his plays (more student-friendly than my other favorite, King Lear) that as a bonus features Jimmi Smits and two other personalities I recongize from TV dramas. Feeling a little psychic from that because of all the plays, they had to pick this one, then, I won't be there . . . and that just figures.

Feeling also psychic because my number one, LaToya, was kicked off American Idol tonight. LaToya, I have been with you since the start . . . I always said you would win. Now it turns out I have jinxed you by not voting on the one night I said I would. Sorry. Well, if it makes you feel any better, I plan to vote in the presidental elections.

Finally saw Total Eclipse by one of my favorite directors, Agnieszka Holland (check out the beautiful Europa Europa). Yeah, this is the one where a surprisingly cute Leonardo DiCaprio (he never did it for me before, but maybe because he plays a poet this time . . .) plays Rimbaud and gets it on with Verlaine and, you know, the whole shooting thing. The film really sucked, but I perversely have to say I was completely sucked in as I am fascinated by any depiction of poets, maybe the rawer the better. I hated Sylvia but maybe because I thought I knew better than the filmmakers and Gwynyth, whereas with DiCaprio I believed him and felt like I learned something. Plus people who stop writing fascinate me. Maybe Keats would have done that. How can we know?

This summer I am going to Russia.

Before that, I will be in NYC in early June, so if anyone knows of any poetry readings then, please let me know (cause that's what I like to do on vacation. I'm not kidding).

This blog must have turned one some days ago.

Somebody nicked my website.

On a sober and cynical note: I'm not shocked by the cruel pictures or the execution. Is this not the nature of war? I am very concerned and also very frustrated. Geneva Conventions: dash it all!

I am finally surfacing after two straight weeks of grading. I am not out of the woods just yet; I have a full day tomorrow before I turn my grades in, hopefully by 5 pm. But I am surfacing, after all, just to say:

My Life. Lyn Hejinian or Bill Clinton? "Doesn't anybody care about the fucking rules?"

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