Chimera Song Mosaic
Wednesday, April 28, 2004

I just realized while writing an email (to one person), well, I just recognized the urge to put that email on my blog for what it was: the efficiency ethic.

When I am composing a particularly thoughty email, one that will make me look all brilliant and shiny, I am writing to one, but I am having the urge to spread it to all. I am thinking, "Hey! This is looking really good! Why am I just letting one person see this when I could be sharing it with everybody!" That and the feeling: it's okay if this is really sloppy; after all, I'm not going to post this.

Stephanie, you hear me. We have said this (to each other, but I'm not going to share it! It's ours! Go get your own!).

Okay, so everybody, help me out: is this good or evil? Is this a corporate mentality or a Marxist one? (invert those pairs, please)


The Panel! is shaping up quite nicely. Thank you! There might be room for one or two more.

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