Chimera Song Mosaic
Friday, March 19, 2004
This is such great news! I love The Little Door Slides Back--I actually walk around my house and read DEMONOLOGUE (the one with the "ward I adored and tortured in four ways") often. In fact, if someone asks me to read, I might just read that poem. It seems like enough. Also, I totally agree with Josh & Drew on the narrative thing. And to look at it from the story's standpoint (although do we really need to because the stories are in the majority and have us beat by a mile?), there is not enough room in a poem for a proper narrative. I'm sorry, but if it's a story I'm interested in, I want to know a hell of a lot more about it.

Freaky too how were are reading Keats right now in British Lit. When my students get back from their spring break, we're going to do "Lamia" and "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" with the PRB! The PRB rocks! The weird thing is, the best one was Waterhouse, and he wasn't really a PR. No, it's not Barney, but it's the PRB! (I really do love writing and saying PRB--I must think it makes me hip, possibly because some people might think I am talking about gangbangers.)

I said: The murderous haunt of flies on summer eyes

And Keats said: "The murmurous haunt of flies on summer eves"

But you, know, not in this order.

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