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Thursday, March 25, 2004
Now that Jim (frisky) and Stephanie (eloquent) have expressed so fabulously what I determine to be writers' block (o banal term!), I am totally in sympathy with them, utterly in agreement (the pain! the panic! the smiley faces!) . . . what's more I am constitutionally resistant to change and stubbornly refuse to post comments in comment boxes and will instead continue to comment on my website, the one I own; I don't want to draw on your paper* (even though I recognize the superior efficiency of it and have lots to say about Jim's acutely accurate, hyperpostmo drawing of "The New Poem," which looks curiously like "Bill" of "I'm Just a Bill" and Stephanie's spot-on circling the blanket for that happy trance where we actually write them) and seem incapable of updating my links (so I also have to now admit to what Jim has already prophesized: I am annoyed at the switching of locations. It seems unnecessary and is the cause of a wee amount of shame at my being unable to keep up and somehow seeming to slight others by not updating my links: woe! Be that as it is, I do support the groovy new looks and the right to flaunt one's fluency with webdesign). For me, HTML was fun for five seconds, and I just don't know what the heck I'm doing. I think I should write a poem before I update my links. I really think I should write a poem. I'm sorry, but it might suck. I think I should post it immediately.**

*except Catherine's paper, which I do want to draw on. Maybe because it makes me think we are sitting in homeroom together.
**When I say "immediately," I don't mean right now, for goodness sake; I mean when I get to it since I still have 19 essays to grade today. I mean as soon as I get to it, as it gets to me, or as I force it out of myself.

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