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Friday, January 09, 2004
Oh . . . my goodness. The love. I have actually been thinking of names that go with Alice. So far, I have Rhiannon Alice and Fabulous Alice and Alice Francis. My only living blood grandparent's middle name is Alice, so you'd have to share that with her. I'm probably going to get pregnant this year. Maybe that's why I am shirking my duties and have run away to Houston this short weekend before school starts--I just can't stand my vision of the future.

That postcard is fabulous! And let me tell you how Catherine and I are living parallel lives:

I first heard of the buff Marilyn visual yesterday at our insipid division meeting where we had to listen to other faculty do show and tell of things like "What I Did at the Communications Conference in Miami Beach" and "Why I Want to Go to China on a Fulbright." This one lady who is always trying to get the faculty members to join our new wellness center was telling us about this image of Marilyn that she always wanted to make public but that her publicists always wanted to keep under wraps. She was trying to show us that Marilyn used free weights, so we should use free weights. She thought we would make the connection because, like Marilyn, we have such glamorous jobs and beautiful hair and breathy, little-girls voices. She didn't realize that our collective self-esteems were at an historic low. She didn't realize that we were already half dead. Or maybe she did; she usually lays it on pretty thick: 20 minutes of how exercise changed her life, how she used to weigh 160 lbs.

It would have been a lot better if she had used a power point. It would have been a lot better if she had had the postcard to show us. So I have been meaning to find it, so thanks for that! (smily face)

Also, Catherine and I have read some of the same books and seen some of the same movies this past year; it's freaky: The Wind Up Bird chronicle (okay, she recommended that one); Nickel and Dimed; Meet the Friedman's; 21 Grams. There's more, but I can't remember them. This should be enough to prove the parallel lives thing.

I want Catherine to go to Japan with me.

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