Chimera Song Mosaic
Sunday, January 25, 2004

What role should “Eine Kleine Natchtmusick” play in this film: cell phone? car alarm? Sister to the lover who is stranded, uncovered? Bold assassin in the ballet class? Double agent hamstringed between the conclusion & the past? Should pain be wretch’d from a widow’s collarbone by a severe haircut (not a comfort that would brush her shoulders the way his fingertips once did) in the fever & the pitch of an original score—or should we go with Rachmaninoff? The modern world w/cynicism calls for Ministry, Prodigy, Rage against the Machine, or nineinchnails; the modern world w/satire calls for The Dead Milkmen. Better than breastmilk, one formula calls for two parts human / one part synthesis / anarchic rainbow / one part colorless

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