Chimera Song Mosaic
Sunday, January 18, 2004
Lars is such a pushy dog. He thinks it's okay to scratch at my butt while I'm typing.

Why am I never listed as a FRESH BLOG--even when I know I just published it a microt ago?

I watched a movie yesterday called Citizen Ruth, starring Laura Dern as a goofy and theatrical mother of 4, who is addicted to inhalant and who is the subject of a tug-of-war between opposite factions of the abortion war (I think I just recreated the Dish Network teaser). It reminded me and Lance of Best in Show--it was great! I love TiVo.

I had a dream last night that Lucy left Lars for another dog--a long-legged, scrappy mutt. Poor Lars. This dog was, as they say, "intact," no neuticals or replesticals in sight.


These eyes are not like our eyes wanting to accept
that which fits our perspectives & prejudices.
These eyes, too, offer judgments & correlatives
but the kind that we cannot turn from but to turn
off the set. Walk off the set & witness a world far
more real but the less focused that doesn't offer
the choices arranged in such a way that only one
answer is correct--the hero is always benevolent.
Accept that sometimes the world allows us not
to think, not to make choices, but sometimes
a movie--a good movie--forces us to think--
we can't escape it--the power of the plot & symbols
& characters--the power of beauty is to make you like
it--or hate it--depending on the angle of the camera--
depending on the focus--how closely we are forced
to see the contents of a square--of a close up--very close--
& it is this separate attention that makes us get it
or miss the point or disagree or discover the human heart
or the mystery of the great apes--the screen is centered
on an eyebrow--we can see--the hair that bristles there.

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