Chimera Song Mosaic
Saturday, January 24, 2004
[Costume Design]

It is said that clothes make the man—well, what of the woman who dresses him? Arms up she says to her son she pulls the sweater down over his head too large for the opening. After the induction of testosterone, what disables men from such fabric & fluid accessories? Would they walk out naked say their lines say nothings & be done with it? But purpled trappings indicate sovereignty—and that he will wear out all his days like the sweater of a lover. These men must have counterparts so more elaborate duds are called in to fit the more tolerant women. Now mommies can play dress up w/the super-beautiful; perfection shattered by an unflattering angle can be recalled, a dress can be unstitched & made again. Surgeons of fashion, portend.

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