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Tuesday, September 16, 2003
Meanwhile, My Archives Keep Accumulating Dates with No Content in Them


(Real Gardens with Imaginary Words)

All my friends think I have multiple personalities. I alternate between inviting them over to my house for wild parties (for example, celebrating today on the agenda: Mexican Dia de la Independencia--Grito!) and telling them firmly and quite rudely that I cannot possibly see them at all today because I am grading. Well, I am making some headway and should be done with this round of essays by tomorrow afternoon. My students and I are still in that hunnymoon stage, or at least thatÂ?s how I see it. I am sure to write poems this weekend, a whole crop of them. Fabulous, feral poems. Or maybe not that because haven't wee seen quite enough of them lately? Like what I am supposed to be doing right now: grading. Feeling the love and the weight of it. Plus some imported beers. Not to give the wrong impression or to inspire envy, one of the seven deadly sins.

IÂ?m not sure which sin I most emulate, but it better not occur when I am grading, when I feel truly used and wholly sacrificial and benevolent, simultaneously.

I really am going to write some poems this weekend. And catch up on TonightÂ?s the Night and the Tornado Alley Series. No fudge.

Well, maybe just a little.

Have you read Donna Tartt's The Secret History yet? You should. She's on a cover of a recent Poets & Writers, and she looks, well, tartly. Such puns cannot be dodged despite the most valiant efforts. Who has witnessed a valiant effort nowadays? Do they still exist or only in the realm of cliche?

You can do it: Grito!

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