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Saturday, September 06, 2003
Here's the email I just sent to my mom, sister, and brother. Boofer's my dog, Lars. Just to irritate them, mostly:


I thought I would share this evidence of the Wisdom of Boofer:

He was sitting in the kitchen, begging, as usual, when he happened to look over at the window and saw a gecko climbing across the screen. The window is over the sink. The gecko is pink on the window. Only Boofer could appreciate the Zen of the Gecko, and he sat, transfixed, no longer begging for the earthly reward of food, only existing, in that moment, as the Gecko exists, simply to be and to be unaware of being seen and appreciated.

So Boofer saw the Gecko and whined softly.

Many things are lost on many people, but Boofer is one on whom nothing is missed.


Ps. Louie, I haven't called you back yet! Drew and Jana visited us this weekend and kept us very busy! Plus I had a foreign film on Friday and an English department party on Saturday. Also, I wrote a 20 page screenplay for my class. So, you see, I have been quite indisposed. But I'll call you back! And yes, we do have a digital camera, but it might be in Reynosa. I'll check.

(end of email)
At least I'm posting more frequently now.

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