Chimera Song Mosaic
Saturday, August 09, 2003
List of what I sent in care package to my friend, Cathy, the Army Girl, in Kuwait:

2 wads of super-soft toilet paper (cores removed) in Ziploc bags
1 dentist-freebee Oral-B toothbrush, bright green, new
1 Satin-Soft dental floss, unopened
1 small green plush frog, off-brand
1 plastic-wrapped, French-milled soap, Acacia scent
1 partially used box of Celluvisc eye-soothing drops in individual plastic vials
1 tub of Dream Cream by LUSH, U.K., rolled in bubble wrap, cures eczema & generally combats havoc wrecked on integument by desert environment
1 copy of Married to the Military in cute pink camo, brand new
1 used copy of Maxine Hong Kingston’s The Woman Warrior, donated by surly, but generous student
1 copy of All the Pretty Horses in mostly new condition, also donated by student
1 typed letter that falls short of compensating for 6 months of Bush's agenda

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