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Friday, July 04, 2003
Jak ce mas?

There is some GREAT 4th (& pre-4th) reading out there (don't miss Catfutti @ porthole redux & Chris Murry @ tex files) that I don't have the time to fully savor right now 'cause my mom and sister are yanking me away from the computer to get out and enjoy the day.

(Meanwhile, my mom is teaching me Czech: "Starie pez ya tadi." It's Lars, of course.)

Meanwhile, I am trying to figure out how to enjoy this holiday when I am so pissed off at Bush and now the lovely French are welcoming us back again (yes, yes, please, please--Sisters of the Revolution), and then, out of the Blue, my friend in London emails me and says:

"Just a Quick note to say Hi and wish you all a Lovely 4th . . . they mentioned it was the 4th o July on the radio this morning and i had a Pangs o guilt that i'd been a wanker and not kept in touch . . ."

Dan! I love you! And then I realized that if you have an Englishman wish you a happy 4th, your day could not really get better, could it?

Everybody, share Dan's love . . .

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