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Wednesday, June 11, 2003
I am very pleased to note that some bloggers (at least Catherine, Stephanie, and Tim Yu) have found the only LUSH location in the United States. I have visited many LUSH shops all over Canada and even once ran across a busy street in Amsterdam to shake my companions (I figured I had at least 10 minutes before they found me out. Like Stephanie, I have to be alone when I shop). I know everything about LUSH products and have even converted a few people. I am so incredibly jealous that LUSH decided to put a shop in San Francisco, but I suppose that’s the obvious choice. We will probably get LUSH in South Texas in about 1,000 years.

These are the best products:
1. Les Cacas henna for your hair (Rouge is so great & perfect for Catfutti!)
2. All bath ballistics (especially Ularu and Avobath)
3. The King of Skin solid moisturizer (so smooth!)
4. Plantational solid shampoo (although Lance swears by Dr. Peppermint)
5. Sympathy for the Skin (if you’re not too dry and want to smell like a banana split)
6. Shower gels: B Never too Busy to Bee Beautiful (honey) & Happy for S.A.D. (orangey)—dumb names, but great smelling skin!
7. Creamed Almond & Coconut Smoothie (delish!)
8. Angels on Bare Skin is a fabulous, scrubby, but gentle facial cleanser

Finally, stay away from Skinny Dip and Potion unless you like stinky white chocolate smells (but everyone has a different nose and Marisa loves Potion, so LUSH has something for everybody).

In Texas, I have to order from LUSH Canada at great shipping expense (but loving the exchange rate). But I guess it’s better this way because I would spend too much time and money in the store if it were close by, and I just spent all morning working on a strict budget for myself (instead of writing haiku).

By the way, my last post dated 6/7 is actually from yesterday, 6/10, but for some reason I ended up typing it into the wrong day.

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