Chimera Song Mosaic
Sunday, May 18, 2003
Thought I could wait two more weeks for the offical start of the summer before beginning this blogger, but I couldn't. Two days ago, it was hotter than any other day last year in the Rio Grande Valley. Yesterday I attended graduation with 1,500 students on the baking hot asphalt of our old parking lot in front of the new edition to our library. I have been squelching ideas for the last month as I finished grading stacks of essays. But that's over now. For Pete's sake, could I be any more dramatic about this? Why do I feel the need to explain my neglect of this blog when it hasn't yet begun? Being an English instructor at a community college with so many students is emotionally and mentally draining. But that is, happily, over now--for the summer. I am taking this summer off to write and read--and travel as little as possible. And I plan to write about teaching as little as possible.

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