Chimera Song Mosaic
Sunday, May 18, 2003
This is going to be my summer of the Russian novelists (my brother is going to help me with the lit although he doesn't have much of a head for it, although he did like The Music of Chance and All Quiet on the Western Front). Before I begin, I have to figure out why the Russians adore Pushkin so much, hence my references (you'll begin to notice that I am very transparent like this). I'll end with this additional excerpt from Eugene Onegin, this time the 43rd section in its entirety (and for all you writers out there, this is meant to be inspirational):

You too, prime beauties in your flower
who late at night are whirled away
by drozhkies jaunting at full power
over the Petersburg pave--
he ended even your employment;
and in retreat from all enjoyment
locked himslef up inside his den
and with a yawn took up his pen,
and tried to write, but a hard session
of work made him feel sick, and still
no word came flowing from his quill;
he failed to join that sharp profession
which I myself won't praise or blame
since I'm a memeber of the same. (43.1-14)

(Oh! I just realized he is writing in sonnets! Not too snappy, am I?)

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