Chimera Song Mosaic
Thursday, May 22, 2003
Catherine asked on May 8 if it is possible to write a poem of violence by way of beauty, and I think the answer is yes; you have already answered this with your reference to Plath's "Lady Lazarus." I often desire to be back in that place where anger informed my writing--I used to think I was past that, but no--I can remember thinking to myself, "Now that I am unbearably happy, I have written my last angry poem." Yeah, right! It's a cycle! Tap whatever energy you can find--exploit yourself! (Although strangely enough, Plath said that she couldn't abide poems that are "cries from the heart." They must be informed by something and disciplined in some way. Not bad for a "confessional" poet, eh?)

Plus I must say that I hope one day Catherine and I can read together but read each other's poems, and I hope I get to read My Wicked Ferryman, My Pet, My Dear Question,

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